SideQuest Invite Only Alpha

SideQuest Alpha is invite only for now. Email us if you’d like to get access

A lifetime of self management skills start here

Get access to tools to nurture self reliant kids, in rewards that align with how they spend their off time. Our parental app, and built-in Task and Ad Quests. Kids learn by engaging with the app and by interacting with you, the parents, and you get peace of mind with tools, monitoring and features created to develop and nurture these life skills.

The smart Play to Earn app that grows with your kids

Guide, motivate, and encourage kids with in-game currency that they want, for the game that they are passionate about playing at that moment.

Plus, parents have a companion app, too. You can track progress, set flexible boundaries & goals, and get real-time notifications of activities.

Learn the grind via Task Quests and Ad Quests

Kids learn skills through task repetition, reward reinforcement, and by learning new responsibilities.  Our gamification and earning solution, gives 100% control to the  parents, and lets them control how their kids engage with chores and ads appropriate for their age.

Why parents love SideQuest

Set recurring chores to establish good habits, Our gamification engine will help them along the way to build them step by step

Easily set up daily and weekly tasks — then see their progress via our weekly scorecard and tracking in app

SideQuest leverages gamification to help parents teach the value of delayed gratification.  Whether it’s building streaks or driving toward a multi-deliverable task, our app is a tool that puts the parents back in the driver’s seat

Hit a home run in their baseball game?  Got first place in the science fair?  Create real time rewards that are redeemable instantly via our app!

See all the chores completed in real time, and know when they are redeeming their robux in-gae.  All right at your fingertips

You’ll get a weekly update of their performance, and how they are using the app weekly in our weekly scorecard delivered right to your inbox.

You’ll see how your kid is trading with their friends. (V2 feature coming up),  The app will give parents approval of all of their kid’s connections with others in the app.

Love SideQuest? Share it with a friend via the app and we’ll put R$500 into both your accounts when they sign up!

Built to grow their self-reliance, and your demand for safety

  • 100% parental control over type of tasks and payout
  • 100% parental control over what type of ads they can see
  • 100% parental control over amount and frequency of tasks
  • We do not collect or store any information on kids (100% COPPA compliant)
  • 100% visibility and parental approval of their friends they connect with

Join our beta and start their Sidequest today

email us at for an invite code if you didn’t already receive one

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