SideQuest Invite Only Alpha

SideQuest Alpha is invite only for now. Email us if you’d like to get access

Earn in-game Currency Instantly

Complete daily and weekly tasks, Try out new games, and watch videos to earn in-game currency instantly in your favorite games!  Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite and much much more!

Earn, Play, Repeat!

SideQuest lets you complete real life tasks assigned by your parents, introduce you to new games and experiences, all while getting in-game currency instantly for your games!   Register and ask your parents so they can start helping you start making some coin!

Stop asking your parents for Robux gift cards (and other in game credits)

  • Earn your own credits instantly by completing tasks
  • Get free credits by trying out new Roblox games
  • Get free credits by watching youtube videos
  • Get even more credits by learning new things in our app
  • Trade credits with your friends (coming soon)
  • Save and earn more by getting saving streaks
  • Real time cash out (anytime) in Roblox
  • Do more, Get more, Everyday!

Start your day getting paid!

With SideQuest, your daily quests will earn you credit as soon as you complete them.  Whether it’s loading up the dish washer, or checking out a new world in Roblox, you can earn whenever you want.   We even help you earn more by just being consistent in your quests!

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