SideQuest Invite Only Alpha

SideQuest Alpha is invite only for now. Email us if you’d like to get access

Making Chores rewarding with real world results.

SideQuest helps you setup rewards for everything ranging from doing homework to feeding the dog.  Delivering real world results via proven methodologies and building repeat behvior.  Our gamification engine give you control on how to set your kids on the right path to consistency, resilience, and self confidence.

Pay kids to grind, you choose the amount.​

Pay kids to grind, you choose the amount.

We help parents incorporate gaming best practices into non-game contexts.  SideQuest engages and motivates kids to build great habits and practices.   Gamification Tools in your hand will include things like:  Daily rewards,  Special one time rewards and tasks, Leaderboards (v2) for siblings,  Building Streaks (like 30 days of doing the dishes), collaboration rewards (v2) and much much more.

Join our beta for free

and we’ll put $R500 (that’s 500 Robux) into your account during our beta period

30 days free, then only R$100 per week for helping your kids get started with a lifelong build of great habits.

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