SideQuest Invite Only Alpha

SideQuest Alpha is invite only for now. Email us if you’d like to get access

Teach your kids grit, work and self sufficiency with reward they actually care about

Guide, motivate, and encourage your kids with in-game currency that they want, and we will guide you on reward value and incentives that works best.

SideQuest parent app let’s you automate chores, track progress, build foundational skills, and get real-time notifications of their activities all at your fingertips.

Developing tomorrow’s responsible kids

SideQuest is all you need to give real-time reward, developing behavior and life skills that you want to encourage.  We’ve taken proven gamification with rewards that kids actually want and applied it to real world chores and accomplishments.

With our app, parents also control the types and volume of ads that your kid sees in our app and with ad supported apps that partner with our free API. (in v2)  SideQuest helps parents create a safe environment for their kids when engaging with advertising wherever they spend their time.

A parenting app that’s got your back

  • Reward your kids with in-game currency instantly
  • Develop self motivation in kids chores and homework
  • Establish and reward consistency in task completion
  • Use gamification to teach delayed gratification
  • Protect them from malicious advertising content
  • Fosters ongoing dialogue with your kids on what they accomplish

What does SideQuest Charge for this service

SideQuest helps you manage in-game currency and give you control on how much you want to reward per chore and per completed task.  

Sidequest charges 100 Robux a week for the basic service.        There’s no cash subscription fees or other costs on top.  That’s it!

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