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We’re on a mission to bring grit and responsibility back

If we watch our kids play, they are happy to play mundane repetitive games, and yet when it comes to chores, they would balk at the littlest thing.  Our simple goal is understand and translate their values to help parents create healthy patterns and behaviors.  Developing great habits like savings, developing grit and understand delayed gratification as a part of their growing up. We created SideQuest with the goal of helping kids develop great life skills and habits in a practical, rewarding way and provide all the reward tools helping parents nurture smart, healthy life skills in their children.

Grit and self-motivation come from empowering and rewarding our kids to grow by doing.

Owning responsibilities, earning rewards, and understanding delayed gratification are three areas we all struggle with today in raising kids. Just like learning to read or how to ride a bike, success in these comes from giving kids simple and recurring tasks that are rewarding and match their values. Doing it right can go a long way in building a solid foundation of good habits and life skills.

Research shows it’s good to start learning about reward for work early.  Kids form their attitudes and habits as young as seven and parents play the biggest role in shaping these attitudes and habits.
Our goal is to create the easiest and  highest-quality tools and solutions for families to reward  their kids and help them gain critical life skills for the long haul.

Our Story:

70% of kids under the age of 12 no longer get an allowance

As a pair of busy parents, Mike and Tara Wann saw first hand the difference in their two boys when it came to doing chores and helping around the house.  Today’s kids have a plethora of options of things to watch, toys to play with, and friends to hang out with in games like minecraft and Roblox all day.  For Mike and Tara, wasn’t until they started paying out in virtual currency for chores, that their kids started not only paying attention, but engaging in these tasks in a fashion that was akin to their own upbringings.

This led Mike to have a lightbulb moment. To get kids to participate in these tasks, they need a reward system that aligns with how they spend their time playing and with their friends.  Determined, Mike reached out to his friend Ryan Hoffman, and created an app solution designed specifically to turn this reward system into something that any parent can use.

After seeing the success in their kids, hearing from other parents that this is something that they wanted also, it became clear to Ryan and Mike  that SideQuest wasn’t just about starting a company – but it was about developing tomorrow’s responsible kids.

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